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Hotel Inspired Scent Reed Diffuser to enhance home with staycation feels...


Convenient and easy to use. No Power require and can bottles can be recycled.


Fervent - Inspired Hotel Fairmont Scent

Halcyon - Inspired Hotel Hilton

Marvel - Inspired MBS

Mystique - Inspired Hotel Marriot

Splendour - Inspired Hotel Shangri-La


Instructions: Unscrew cap, remove stopper, put the reed sticks into the bottles and turn the black cap back. Turn the sticks daily or weekly to enhance better fragrance diffusing.


Ingredients: Ethanol, Aqua, Essential Oil and Fine Fragrance. 120mL. Product of Singapore.


Size: 120ml




Reed Diffuser - Hotel Inspired Scent


Halcyon: Hotel Hilton - Fruity

Fervent: Hotel Fairmont - Strong Soapy 

Marvel: MBS - Foral, Citrusy

Mystique: Marriot - Light Citrusy

Splendour: Shangri-La - Sweet Vanilla

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