Humidifier | Colour: Blue

Function: Add humidity in air-con to relieve dry & cracks skin, relieve sinus congestion due to dry air conditions.


High quality humidifier with build-in LED light control. Ultra silent and energy saving. With mist adjustment feature and will automatically power cut-off when the tank is empty.



Droplet Blue

  • Directions: Turn the blue tank upside down, unscrew cap and fill tank with cool tap water. Using of distilled water could help to reduce mineral water build up in the humidifier. Add desirable amount of Humidifier Solution into the water to enhance fragrance. After refilling of water, avoid using force or strength and lightly screw back the cap. Position the blue tank into the white base and switch on the power supply. You may adjust mist control at the tuning knot on the white base.

    Caution: Do not add hot water in the clear tank. Do not use oil base substance and non revitalisor concentrate into the device. Strictly use only The Aroma Hub Humidifier solution.


  • Warranty Period: 180 Days

    All warranty must accompany with the original sales receipt and warranty card. Repair of electrical devices must be within the warranty period from the date of purchase. A one-to-one exchange due to manufacturer’s fault is strictly allowed only within three days from date of purchase. The warranty periods do not apply due to damage from accidents and improper use. Warranty does not cover cracks or breakage caused by user.

    Please keep receipt as proof of purchase.

    This warranty shall be void if during warranty period any part of the electrical and electronic products/equipment is removed, altered, tampered ,adjusted, modified, dismantled, repaired or handled in any way by any person not authorized by seller. Electrical and Electronic Products/Equipment and/or seal is altered,defaced or removed. Warranty series are limited only to mainland Singapore. This warranty shall not affect consumers statutory rights under applicable Singapore Law’s nor the consumers rights

    against the dealer arising from their sales/purchase of the product. Warranty does not bear transportation claim from consumer. 

    • Do Not Use Oil based product into Humidifier.
    • Use only Fragrances bought from The Aroma Hub.
    • Humidifer, Air Purifier, Atomizer, Nebuliser and etc.. Tank and Container is strictly not cover by warranty.
    • There will be no replacement for cracks and breakage.